Our team is composed by professional barista and flair bartenders, event managers and creative staff, who are at your disposal with their experience, reliability and creativity with one goal: your growth, simply because the growth of our customers also means growth for our team. We set standards of professionalism and values for our company that constantly bring us positive results in all that we achieve.
Our customers can find BBS staff in any French important city, we can even support you in your national and international projects. Our team is expanding with involvement in Europe through specific training in order to create a service always perfect. A perfect basis for the team’s growth.

Ludovic Loizon

In the French’s field of professional cafeteria and bartending , Ludovic Loizon is well known for his expertise gained in such a short time. In the last four years he got the double titles of French Barista Champion and the doubles titles of World Coffee Flair Champion.

Indeed after a professional experience operating in the many French cocktail bars, who have enriched his experience and many of them saw him behind a bar as Flair Bartender, in others bars he has been a bar manager. Ludovic Loizon actually is one of the best cafeteria and bartending trainer of France, he’s required as consultant by most of important French beverage companies.

He is regularly invited to the influent convention "Gourmet in Abu Dhabi" as an expert to talk about coffee and new beverage trends, "Gourmet in Abu Dhabi" is one of the most important and prestigious convention which hosts the best sommeliers and restoration starry names in the world.

In 2011 Ludovic decide to create his training center & consulting, Barista Bartender solutions, to bring all the keys and all the necessary support to improve the beverage service and offers.


-          2012 : Double French Barista Champion (Paris).
-          2011 : French Barista Champion (Lyon).
-          2010 : World Coffee flair Champion (Trieste).
-          2008 : World Coffee Flair Champion (Amsterdam).
-          2007 : Vice French Barista Champion.

(from 2009- until now) - French Ambassador for the World Flair Association

Giada Cammerieri

Giada Cammerieri

For many years in the beverage sector, from cocktail trends through the world of coffee, right-hand of the SCAE Italian coordinator for several years, Giada has held a leadership role in the organization of Italian Barista Championships, each year by coordinating more than two hundred competitors and professionals. In 2008, on behalf of the SCAE European headquarters, she organized an international big event which was attended by guests from many European countries interested in participating in meetings, conferences, competitions and workshops at Triestespresso fair. Constantly updated on new beverage trends (Coffee and Bartending) thanks to important international figures of the beverage industry, in 2010 Giada moved to the South of France for creating BBS with the intention of offering a range of services which France needed.

On behalf of BBS, Giada is in charge of customer relation and communication policies of the company.


José Ramos

José Ramos

Professional Bartender since 10 years José hollows the difference thank to his  continuous evolution in the originality and taste for the organization. Its speed, interpersonal skills and managerial qualities always bring more to the service.

Since 2011 José is a member of BBS staff in the Coffee and Bartending fields, trained in the coffee world by the Double Barista Champion of France, Ludovic Loizon, thanks to its achievements and capabilities, it became his “right arm” for bartending event and trainings.

Compétitions :
-          2nd place @ MEDITERRANEAN BARISTA CUP ( Coffee flair Barista Competition)
-          Finalist @ CHAMPIONNAT DE FRANCE DE FLAIR BARTENDING 2006-2007-2008
-          Finalist @ SKYY FLAIR CHALLENGE (Milan- Italy) 2010
-          3rd place @ GANCIA FLAIR CHALLENGE (Turin – Italy) 2011